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Class Rectangle

Extends SceneContent.
Draws a rectangle into the Scene. To create a Rectangle, you need only supply it's location and size, along with at least 1 of 3 rendering instructions. The 3 rendering instructions are "fill", "stroke", and "clear". The fill rendering instruction tells this rectangle to fill the rectangle with the given color. The stroke rendering instruction tells this rectangle to stroke (outline) the rectangle with the given color. You can also specify a stroke_width, which is used to define the line thickness used while outlining the rectangle. The clear rendering instruction actually is set to "true" or "false", and it tells the rectangle to clear/remove the area behind it.
Defined in: Rectangle.js.

To draw a red rectangle with a blue outline, you might define it as such:
   x: 25, y: 25, w: 50, h: 50,
   fill: "red", stroke: "blue"
This creates a red square at (0,0) with width and height of 50, and a blue
Class Summary
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Fields borrowed from class SceneContent:
Methods borrowed from class SceneContent:
draw, extend, getBounds, getName, getParent, getScene, getStage, isActive, isVisible, load, loadBase, moveBy, moveTo, setActive, setSize, setVisible, update, updateBase
Class Detail
{Object} _details
A JSON Object with the following properties:
Property Required Default
clear no false
fill no transparent
stroke no #000000
stroke_width no 1

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